Our Affiliations:

The officers and investigators of Locaters International are members of many private investigative, law enforcement, and civic organizations.  When retaining the services of a professional investigator, their reputation to work on your behalf and to represent your interests, are paramount to your case. Our investigators and staff have been vetted, and maintain memberships in some of the most well respected organizations after background investigations, and their multitudes of private and professional contacts offer us additional resources, unmatched by any other firm on a local, national and international level and we even learned how to monitor remote employees with different programs, to make sure efficiency is always our top priority.

fapi-logo1Florida Association of Private Investigators (FAPI)
The Florida Association of Private Investigators is the oldest investigator association, originally established in 1963.  Harvey E. Morse together with Ari S. Morse reestablished this Association over a decade ago and has worked diligently to ensure that all investigators in the State of Florida, and throughout the United States have a voice.  Harvey and Ari are both past Presidents of this organization, are extremely active, have received numerous awards, and actively serve on their Board of Directors and their Executive Committee.

logo_intellenet-logoInternational Intelligence Network
Harvey Morse and Ari Morse are both members of INTELLENET, a worldwide network of investigators and security professionals.  Membership in INTELLENET is selective, and restricted to professionals who has extensive experience in law enforcement, investigations, intelligence, or private security.  The members of INTELLENET are some of the finest investigators available in the world.  “Regardless of client needs — regional, national or international –INTELLENET members provide unique services to corporations, law firms, families, individuals and foreign allies.”

Founded in 1955, ASIS International is a global community of security practitioners, each of whom has a role in the protection of assets, people, property and information with about 40,000 members worldwide.    The membership represents virtually every aspect of security at major corporations worldwide, from entry level investigators to CEO’s.  Harvey Morse is privileged to have been elected a life member, an honor currently held by less than 380 individuals, based upon his knowledge and investigative skills.  Ari Morse is also an active member following in Harvey’s footsteps.

wad-logoWorld Association of Detectives
Harvey Morse is part of an elite group, as he is one of very few life members of W.A.D.   The World Association of Detectives was founded in 1925, and is the longest established and largest association of its kind in the world.  There are members across the globe and both Harvey and Ari are members in this association.

cii-logoCouncil of International Investigators 
The Council of International Investigators is an established and well respected international association of professional private investigators.  Each member meets strict membership criteria in line with their aim of maintaining the highest quality professionals within the investigative profession.  Harvey Morse and Ari Morse are both “Certified Members,” which allows them to use the “CII” designation, which is their highest level of membership.

bai-logoBoard Accredited Investigator
The Board of Accredited Investigators was established for investigators and security professionals can show that they have a total commitment to the profession.  BAI’s are required to be involved in a serious commitment to voluntary ongoing education and continuing education in topics of their choosing.  Members are vetted, must write a white paper and are judged by their peers. Ongoing written examinations and oral review boards are pending. The BAI Program is currently under the oversight of INTELLENET. This organization is the brainchild of Harvey, and both he and Ari were both founding Board members and actively serve on the Board of Directors.

fpca-logoFlorida Police Chiefs Association
Harvey is a life member of The Florida Police Chiefs Association which is one of the largest state police chief’s associations in the United States, with over 900 of the state’s top law enforcement executives as members.  Harvey Morse is proud to hold the distinction of being a life member, as he is a sworn and certified ranking officer having retired as an Assistant Chief.   FPCA serves municipal police departments, airport police, college and university police, private business and security firms, as well as federal, state and county law enforcement agencies.

iacp_logoThe International Association of Chiefs of Police 
Harvey Morse has been honored to be a member of the IACP for more than thirty years.  The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) is a professional association for law enforcement worldwide. IACP is responsible for launching internationally acclaimed programs, speaking on behalf of law enforcement, conducting groundbreaking research, and providing exemplary programs and services to members across the globe.  IACP actively supports law enforcement through advocacy, outreach, education, and programs.

fedcia-logoFederal Criminal Investigators Association
Harvey is a member of The Federal Criminal Investigators Association (FCIA) has served the needs of the federal investigative community since 1953.  The mission of FCIA is to ensure that Federal Law Enforcement Professionals have the tools and the support network to meet the challenges of future criminal investigations while becoming more community oriented.  Harvey Morse is a Charter Member as he has served at the Federal level.

ncapi-logoNorth Carolina Association of Private Investigators (NCAPI) 
The North Carolina Association of Private Investigators is the oldest association of Private Investigators.  Harvey and Ari are both members of this professional association.

South Carolina Association of Legal Investigators (SCALI) 
The South Carolina Association of Legal Investigators has been a leader in the private investigative industry since 1985.  Harvey Morse and Ari Morse are both members of this professional association.

Minnesota Association Of Private Investigators and Protective Agents  (MAPI) 

The Minnesota Association of Private Investigators and Protective Agents’ mission is to work on legislative acts, statutes, rules and regulations that established new training mandates for investigators. MAPI is dedicated to the professional development of Licensed Private Investigators and Protective Agents as decreed in the Minnesota statutes.

Harvey Morse and Ari Morse are both members of this professional association.

ispla-logoInvestigative & Security Professionals for Legislative Action 
Investigative & Security Professionals for Legislative Action was formed based on the industry need for proactive legislative action.   ISPLA helps guide federal and state legislation to benefit our industry.  Locaters investigators are members of ISPLA and are have been instrumental in handling legislative issues since the beginning of licensing for investigators in the State of Florida.

fci-logoFlorida Certified Investigator
Since 1998 the Florida Board of Certified Investigators, Inc, (FBCI) set the high standards of ethics, knowledge, and professionalism among private investigators in Florida.  This is achieved through continuing education that demands instruction in, but is not limited to: Professional Conduct & Ethics, Investigative Legal Issues, Investigative Techniques, and Statutory Compliance.  Harvey Morse has maintained the FCI designation since its inception, and served as Chairman of the FBCI program.

coal-logoCouncil Of Association Leaders
Harvey Morse  and Ari Morse have had the honor of serving on the Council of Association Leaders.  This Council was formed from former leaders throughout the investigative profession to assist associations grow and develop, as well as using the unified strengths to propel the PI profession in a positive direction.

vleoa-logo-best-grnbluVoluntary Law Enforcement Officer Alliance
The Voluntary Law Enforcement Officer Alliance is a leader in the training and support of the Reserve and Auxiliary law enforcement officer worldwide.  There are members in a majority of the States and in over a handful of other countries.  One unique aspect of the Alliance is our ability to assist Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police, County Commissions and City Councils in the formation or expansion of Reserve police programs, which would allow communities to maintain the safety and security of their citizens during challenging economic times.   Harvey Morse has been a Board member of VLEOA for many years, is the Vice-President, and continues to serve his community and is involved with the Reserve department of his police agency.

apgmemberlogocolormediumAssociation of Professional Genealogists  
The Association of Professional Genealogists is an organization whose goal is to support professional genealogists in all phases of their work to upgrade the profession as a whole. The association also seeks to protect the interest of those engaging in the services of the professional.  APG is a professional association for all genealogists supporting high standards in the field of genealogy.  Harvey and Ari are both members of this association.

Harvey was a founder of the State of Florida’s Investigative, Security and Polygraph Association (ISPA) which is no longer in existence.

Harvey served 10 years as Chairman of the State of Florida’s licensing division’s Advisory Board as appointed by the Secretary of State and Division of Licensing, which can never happen again due to term limits. He was the State of Florida’s expert witness in regards to licensing laws and expert testimony. He wrote many of the statutes which govern the profession today.

Florida Highway Patrol – Harvey served as an Auxiliary Sergeant then as a Reserve Sergeant whose capacity in addition to patrol, was to be an advisor to the Director in regards to policies and procedures.